You have it in your power to bring the spirit of the Crusaders back: to restore to Christendom a force to defend her: the Ordo Militaris Catholicus!

Saint Loius IX, King of France, dedicated the wealth of his entire Kingdom of France to lead the 7th and 8th Crusades

The Ordo Militaris Catholicus is an international association of Catholics dedicated to counter-terrorism in the defense of Catholics and Christians who are persecuted for the Name of Jesus. We aim to assist the victims of terrorism and we defend Christian populations from the threat of terrorism.

For this purpose we are soliciting the financial support of the whole Christian world, because such an endeavor takes the pledge of substantial financial resources.

There are TWO ways you can assist us in this holy work. You can donate to our Monastery Fund, so that we can have a place to train our recruits.

Or you can become a member of our Order. There are also two ways to do this: by pleding or by assisting us in recruiting new members.

You can Pledge by a monthly pledge and share spiritually in the work of our Order, thus sharing in the merits of our Order and obtaining special membership privileges at our Commanderies and as a member of

Or you can join our Merit Program, so that by recruiting others as pleding members you can acquire a membership in our Order. Recruit your parents, family members, colleagues, mates, friends and associates!


At present our activities for persecuted Christians are limited, because of the need to recruit more members willing to make a MONTHLY PLEDGE to support the Order. So we are using funds to found security companies and spread the word of the needs and plights of persecuted Christians the world over. By such a membership subscription, a member is authorized to identify himself or herself as a Member of our Order and participates in the support of our work to defend Christians world-wide. Our Members are also encouraged to contact our Commanderies to inquire about special offers of hospitality, which they make, exclusively for members of our Order.


Our non-military members who make such pledges are the foundation and base of support of all our holy work. FOR THIS REASON, if you believe the work we are doing is pleasing to God and necessary, please CONSIDER becoming a member by a one time payment or by a monthly pledge, by selecting below one of the options.

Each level of Membership comes with specific privileges or rewards.

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  1. A Lay Member for $100 USD a year or $8.50 a month

  2. A Herald for $300 USD a year or $25 a month

  3. A Squire for $600 USD a year of $50 a month

  4. A Knight or Dame Chevalier for $1200 USD or $100 a month

  5. A Baronet for $3000 USD or $250 a month

  6. A Baron for $6000 USD or $500 a month

To chose one of these levels click the link on any one of them.

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To join our Order in the role of a supporter, one makes a pledge.
For every level of giving, there is a corresponding honor granted by the Order (see full list here).


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What are the needs of the Order?

To learn more, watch our Videos.

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If you have questions about Membership in the Order, please call us Monday to Friday, from 9 AM to 3 PM, Rocky Mountain Time.

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In addition to selling membership subscriptions and accepting donations to our charitable appeals and free will gifts, Ordo Militaris Inc. has the possibility of offering investors other means of assisting us in financing our projects, now that it is organized in law as a Montana Corporation.  For more information on investing with us, see our Investment page.



* Be advised: Ordo Militaris, Inc. is a Montana Corporation, a for profit Private Military Corporation which offers consulting for the defense and security service industry. We do not sell guns, nor are any monies received here susceptible to a tax deduction on your US Federal Tax return, since defense and security services are not considered non-for-profit religious activities according to the IRS. Monies given to the Order are classified in accounting, thus, as paid-in-capital. We use “donate” and “donation” on our website and in our publicity in the popular Catholic sense of the term of a gift, which is the Latin meaning of the verb, dono, -are and noun, donatio, -nis. In our charitable appeals we disburse the entirety of funds received to recognized charities or 501(c)(3) qualifying non-profit purposes or activities.

Our Corporation does not engage directly in the offering of security or defense services. Our business goal is rather to assist in humanitarian projects and in the promotion support the foundation of corporations which offer such services directly. This is standard industry practice for the purpose of structuring liability and protecting our investors. But it is also a necessary first step for the promotion and creation of such organizations.

Finally our Corporation is run and funded by members of the international Catholic Association, Ordo Militaris Catholicus. As such it is governed by Catholics with a deep faith based commitment, which is reflected in all the activities of the Corporation. Ordo Militaris Inc. is not however organized as non-profit, or a not for profit, so that we can offer those of our investors who invest in our for profit activities a return on their investment. The Corporation currently has no employees and is run by volunteers. Ordo Militaris Inc. as such owns no armaments and is not engaged in the sale or manufacture of military ordinance or firearms.

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